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What Weather Events Have the Biggest Impact on Your Roof?

The roof is the most exposed part of your home and it is the key piece that protects you and your family and possessions from the elements. It takes a beating day in and day out and is exposed to the elements every day. Geography can play a key role in how much weather affects your roofing system and how much maintenance and work needs to be done to combat these effects. Some parts of the country will be more vulnerable to certain factors than others. The north has snow and ice, the south has rain and storms, and the west has heat and wind. It is important to know how weather can damage your roof, and here at Stay Dry Roofing we help local homeowners deal with the following weather-related issues:

 preparing the roofHEAT 

Most people know that storms can damage roofing systems but even non-violent, normal weather can damage roofs. Even beautiful sunny days can lead to damaged roofing systems over time.  Excessive heat can make certain materials swell and stretch. And prolonged exposure to the sun can in essence bake roofing materials and make them crack or become brittle. Expanding materials and cracking parts can all lead to other more serious problems with the roofing system. It is important to know how weather can damage your roof even when the weather seems good. You need to conduct routine checks of the roofing system to ensure there are no visible signs of damage. If you live in areas prone to high heat and sun exposure then these checks need to be done every few months by a professional roofing contractor to ensure everything stays in tip-top shape.

rain damage to roofing systemsRAIN

When asked about the one weather system that causes the most damage to roofs, most homeowners will mention rain. Water damage is the single most common roofing issue we get calls about here at Stay Dry Roofing. Small cracks and holes and gaps can let water in and over time it will find its way into your home. Left untreated, a minor problem can escalate into a major issue and once the visible signs of damage have been detected it has often been going on for some time and the damage is often severe.  Quick detection is vital to addressing rain-related roofing issues effectively and minimizing the damage done. In rain prone areas or places that see a lot of storms, working with a professional roofing contractor to do routine inspections is often the best way to protect your roof from rain damage. Our team is ready to help so give us a call today!

damaged roofing shinglesWIND

Wind is one of those weather patterns we often don’t think about in terms of causing damage to our homes unless it is a severe situation like a tornado or hurricane.  However, even wind from a bad thunderstorm or a very windy day presents a prime example of how weather can damage your roof even when it seems innocent enough. Strong winds can potentially move panels and roof tiles, tear off gutters, send branches and limbs crashing into the roof, and wear down the materials on the roof. Even chimneys and other sturdy items may be damaged and put the roofing system at risk for further damage when they finally reach the point of falling. In areas that get a lot of storms or places that are exposed to prolonged and regular windy conditions, extra care needs to be given to the roof to ensure everything is in place and holding up against the force of the wind.

snow and ice damage on the roofSNOW

Snow is an unusual substance- we love playing in it and seeing it in nature but we hate shoveling it and dealing with it on our roofs.  It can cause major damage or your roofing system and there are only a few solutions that prove to be safe and effective for dealing with snow on the roof. Snow is water and if it gets too warm it will melt and present a water risk for your roofing system. The weight of snow and ice can quickly build to the point is exceed the weight-bearing limitations of your roof and the entire thing can collapse under the weight. Choosing roofing materials and designs that naturally reduce the risks is the ideal solution as is staying on top of snow removal and not hesitating to call in professionals when needed to help take care of your roof. In the north, it is vital to stay on top of winter maintenance in order to guard against snow damage.

beautiful home roofingCONTACT US

Now that you have a better understanding of how weather can damage your roof, you know it is important to have professional help and assistance. That is what we here at Stay Dry Roofing can provide. Call us today to set up a free consultation and see for yourself how we can help protect your roof from the effects of weather!

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Five Roofing Tips for the Summer

One of the most obvious yet most commonly overlooked parts of your home is the roof. It is seen by everyone who passes by your home and the look of your roof goes a long way in boosting the curb appeal of your home! When it comes to remembering to take care of your roof, there are some good roofing tips for the summer that can help make things easier all year round, especially if you work with a reputable contractor who can provide local roof assistance.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly

This means more than just standing by the curb and looking at your roof though that is a good place to start looking for obvious signs of issues. Getting on a ladder and inspecting the roof from close up is the only way to detect some damage like shingles that are cracked or loose, minor damage from debris, and other issues. If you do not feel comfortable getting up to the roof, call in an expert who can do it for you.

Don’t Put Off Fixing Damage

Damaged roofs are a big deal and if you let minor issues go unaddressed for even a short period of time, then you are just asking for trouble. It is very important to fix any damage that is noted as soon as possible in order to avoid worse damage and more costly repairs down the road. Ask a roofing contractor to get the work done for you- that is what they are there for, to provide local roof assistance to homeowners just like you!

Update Your Roof

Roofs can last 20 or more years if they are well cared for but if the time has come for a new roof, look at it as an opportunity to make improvements not just to the roof but the entire home. Consider different roofing materials or colors. Certain shingles and tiles can make a roof more attractive and lighter colored roofs help keep the temperature down inside the home and can help reduce energy usage. Look at all of your options and see which choices will best serve you and your family in the future.

Options For Waterproofing

When it comes to roofing tips for the summer, a lot of it comes down to where you live and the type of weather you experience throughout the year. If you live in a wet climate, an area with a lot of humidity, or near the ocean where the damaging salt spray can be an issue, then getting a waterproofing coating on your roof can be a great step to take.  It protects against moisture damage and keeps water from getting into your home-
one of the biggest issues homeowners face with their roofing systems!

Get Local Roof Assistance When Needed

To maintain your roof and keep it looking it best and functioning as it should, you need to have somebody inspect it with every change of the season. Biannual inspections are an easy and inexpensive option too for areas without major seasonal changes. The most important thing to remember is that hiring a licensed and experienced roofing contractor is the best way to take care of your roof and to get it back in shape when issues or damage are detected.

For more roofing tips for the summer and to find local roof assistance when you need it the most, call us today and see for yourself why Stay Dry Roofing is a leader in the community and why so many trust us with their roofing systems! Give us a call or schedule an appointment today on our website and give us the opportunity to show you what professional roofing work looks like! Do not put it off!  Do not wait another day for roof work and repair to begin- call Stay Dry Roofing today!

Protecting Your Home From Overhanging Branches

When it comes to winter roof care and preparation, there is one thing that most homeowners never even think about. Protecting your home from overhanging branches is an important part of taking care of the roofing system, but it is not something you have to worry about in winter, right? Landscaping is a concern of the summer and spring months, right? Well, yes warmer months are generally when we work on trimming trees and taking care our landscapes but this does not mean we can slack off when the snows begin to fall! Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we have seen our fair share of damaged roofs due to overhanging branches and limbs that gave out due to the weight of snow and ice.

Protecting Your Home From Overhanging Branches

Winter roof care is a big deal and you can do a lot to protect your roof and thus your home and family by ensuring your trees are ready to weather the winter months. One of the best ways you can go about protecting your home from overhanging branches that give out during snow and ice storms is to remove all weakened or damaged branches before winter. Most of the times, branches that fall are ones that have already been weakened or damaged in some way before the first snowflake ever falls. Removing these branches removes the risk of them falling on your home. Image the damage a large tree limb causes when it falls on a roof and then double that because of the snow and ice load it will carry and it is easy to see why this is something you cannot ignore! Protecting your home from overhanging branches can also be done by keeping all tree branches back away from the home entirely. Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we can help you get the upper hand on your winter roof care by inspecting your roof system and making recommendations for how you can best prepare.

Winter Roof Care Done Right

You do not want to skip the trees when it comes to making your winter preparations. Even if the cold season is still months away the time to focus on your trees is now so you are ready to go when the snow begins to fall. Make sure you cut back as much as you can and keep branches and limbs away from your home. Don’t risk the safety of your family! When it comes to protecting your home from overhanging branches and snow and ice fall damage, Stay Dry Roofing is here to help! Contact us today to get help with your winter roof care plan!

How to Tell if You Need Commercial Roofing Repair or Replacement

Business owners have a lot to think about and so much that demands their attention throughout the days and weeks and months. Of all the systems involving the physical business the roof is one of the most important yet most commonly ignored and neglected. It is not until major commercial roofing repair and replacement needs are discovered that the roof is noticed or given the attention it needs. When you need help taking care of a commercial roof, no matter how old it may be or what work needs to be done, Stay Dry Roofing is here to help every step of the way!

Safety First

Though the accurate diagnosis of roof issues and concerns require up-close inspection it is important to remember that the roof is not a place to go walking around needlessly. It is a risk to those who go up there and every trip to the roof risks further damage to the roofing system itself. Every visit should be documented, and any issues found recorded and photographed, and if any damage occurs because of the trip to the roof that must be documented as well. It is always best to call the professionals to handle every phase of roof maintenance. Stay Dry Roofing has the experienced team to handle every phase of roof inspections, maintenance, repair, and replacement and we recommend always calling in the professionals for any roof work. It will keep you, your workers, and your building safer. Call us and let us handle the work for you and let us put our experience and equipment to work for you and your business.

Repair, Replace or Re-cover?

Deciding whether your roof needs to be repaired, replaced, or simply re-covered is a big part of roof inspections and many business owners do not know what all to look for. To decide what type of commercial roofing repair and replacement is best for your needs, we can help you choose the best way to go about taking care of a commercial roof. Here are some points to consider as you decide how much work is needed:

  • You know better than anyone how your roof ages year to year. If you look at the records of past repairs and work done over the years, you often can see a pattern so you know that every 5 years some minor work may be needed. A bigger roof project is usually needed every 10 years or so.
  • Consider environmental factors that can impact your roofing system too. You might see abrasion and wear on the windward side of the building. If you live in an area with a lot of sun and heat the coating of a commercial flat roof can crack and wear out faster than normal. Snow and ice can damage a sloped roof more than rainfall will and areas with seasonal storms like hurricanes will need more inspections to stay on top of possible damage.
  • A roof that is showing some uniform wear and tear but nothing too terrible on a roof that is less than 10 years old can usually be salvaged for a few more years with minor repairs each year. However, now would be the time to start planning for a bigger roof repair in a few years’ time.
  • If the commercial roof is still in good shape and you just need something new or different for your roofing, and if the roof has never had a re-covering, a new roof might be able to be placed over the old one. This option saves time and money and also reduces landfill and debris hauling costs.
  • For a commercial roof that is needing more and more small frequent repairs and seeing larger and larger areas needing repair work done each time, you may be able to save money in the long run by putting up a new roof now. Multiple repairs every year may cost you $5k – 20k, with that number growing each month as the repairs get worse, but investing in a new roof, even one costing $20k – 100k will pay for itself in 3 years and then be good for up to 10 -15 years with minimal cost and repairs needed.

Replacement Indicators

Knowing when you need to replace a commercial roofing system is one of the biggest challenges a commercial business owner faces. Understanding the needs for commercial roofing repair and replacement is critical to taking care of commercial roof systems fully. Here are some things to look out for that might signal roof replacement:

  • Building codes will not allow re-covering or other repairs to be done
  • Moisture has gotten into the decking or lower supports of the roof system
  • Outdated mechanical attachments are out of code and not suitable any longer
  • The roof deck itself has been damaged or deteriorated past repair
  • Old materials were used that are no longer safe or allowed to be used
  • The damage seen in the roofing system is too costly to repairs
  • Replacement is the only way to ensure to safety of the roof

Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we are able to inspect commercial roofs and work with business owners and property managers to determine the best course of action for their roofing needs. Replacement can be expensive and involved but in some cases, it is the best option when looking at the long-term interments and returns.

Quality Roofing Services

Business owners have a lot competing for their time and attention and money. Of all the systems in the building itself the roof is one of the most critical yet most commonly neglected. People tend to forget about the roof and how important it is until things go wrong and by then the damage is usually more severe and costlier to fix. When you need help taking care of a commercial roof, no matter how old it may be or what work needs to be done, Stay Dry Roofing is here to help every step of the way! Call us today and let us show you commercial roofing repair and replacement done right and let us help answer all of your quests when it comes to taking care of a commercial roof.

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How to Find Commercial Roofing Experts in Indiana

The roof of any commercial building is not just a simple roof, it is rather a complex, multi-faceted system, that needs the care and attention of the best commercial roofer to ensure it lives up to its full potential. This is why it is so very important to take the time to ensure the commercial roofing experts you are working with are as good as they claim to be and as great as you think they are.

Good From the Bad

Considering the following list of traits and characteristics can be a helpful guide to help business owners ensure they are working with the best of the best when it comes to commercial roofers in Indianapolis. Here at stay Dry Roofing, we strive to embody and demonstrated all of these characteristics and traits and hope our reputation and proven track record speaks of our attitude and quality service!

General Characteristics of Good Roofers

Whether a roofing contractor works on residential or commercial roofs, you will want to look for the same characteristics in the team you choose to work with. Most commercial roofing experts will have these traits and finding someone who demonstrates each one will help you ensure you find the best commercial roofer:

  • Longevity: The roofing industry is, unfortunately, one of the industries that has earned a bad reputation thanks to scammers and con artists. The best way to avoid this is to look for longevity in the company or contractor you decide to work with.
  • Financial stability: Established roofing companies and roofing contractors should be financially stable. This is easy to check by searching the names of the contractors or the company and seeing if there are any outstanding claims or reports about them.
  • References and ratings: Check online expert resources like the Better Business Bureau and ask friends and family and co-workers you trust who they could recommend to either look into or who to avoid.
  • Communication skills: A good roofer is someone who can communicate well, especially to someone who may not be up and up with all the lingo and terms.  A good roofer is someone who takes the time to answer questions and explain things so they are understood. Reputable contractors and business will never lie or try to cut corners or deceive their customers and clients!
  • Ample insurance: One of the biggest reasons you want to work with roofing professionals rather than try to do work on your own is that contractors and roofing companies carry general liability and workers’ compensation insurance. It is essential that our chosen team have these insurances in place to cover property damage that might happen during the work and so that any employee work site injuries will not become your responsibility.

Traits of a Good Commercial Roofer

There are many roofers out there who say they can do good work and can take care of your commercial roofing system. The way to tell if someone is the commercial roofing expert they claim is to check their traits and see if what they say lines up with what they are able to deliver. So here are some of the traits that the best commercial roofers will readily demonstrate:

  • Expertise: Commercial roofing systems are complicated things- even more so than residential roofing systems. There are more types and styles as well and more materials to choose from. A good roofer will have expertise in all types of systems and styles but especially in the type of roofing you have in place. Ask for reviews and examples for past projects to ensure they are they experts they claim to be.
  • Training and certifications: A knowledgeable commercial roofer must be fully certified by a national or state-recognized authority in roofing and business construction. They must be licensed and stay up-to-date with all of the necessary training and safety regulations. Ask to see their licensing info, contractor information, and other forms and check to make sure it is all up to date and official.
  • Equipment and staff: The high-quality commercial roofing contractors that you will want to work with are the one who will have the crews and specialized equipment that will get the job done right the first time. No room for cutting corners or taking the easy way out- quality has to be first and foremost at all times!

Expert Roofing Assistance

If you are in need the commercial roofing experts who can get the job done right the first time, every time, then call Stay Dry Roofing today! We can show you how the best commercial roofers in the state can make a difference for your business- just give us a call and we will take care of the rest!

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