Roof leaks in Indianapolis

What to Do When Your Roof Leaks

When the Roof Leaks, Don’t Panic

When you notice the roof of your Indianapolis home leaks, it at the very least will seem like a significant inconvenience. If a lot of water is coming in, it can seem like a catastrophe. The water can damage the items inside the house and the floors. It can collapse a ceiling. Dampness can even promote the growth of toxic mold.

But don’t lose your head. There’s plenty you can do to keep roof leaks from becoming unmitigated disasters, especially when you catch them early. When you’re watching out for them, be aware that the first sign might not be water on the floor. It could just be a discolored spot on the ceiling that reveals the presence of water above the ceiling.

Roof leaks in Indianapolis

When you’re vigilant enough to detect roof leaks early, follow these steps in order.

When the Roof Leaks, Catch the Dripping Water

If water is coming through a ceiling leak, put a bucket under it. Scraps of wood inside the pail will quiet the irritating drip-drip-drip sound. If your problem is more severe, and you’ve got more than drips to deal with, get as many of your possessions as possible safely away from the water and cover the things that are too heavy to move with sturdy plastic sheeting.

When the Roof Leaks, Drain the Water

Climb up a ladder or onto a sturdy, stable chair and poke a hole in the wet part of the ceiling with a screwdriver or similar implement. You may feel reluctant to inflict any sort of damage on your own ceiling, but the fact of the matter is, failure to take this action can make things a lot worse. More moisture could seep in, or the weight of accumulating water could even make the entire ceiling fall down. At which point you’ll have to confront the fact that replacing all of it is far more expensive than just patching a little hole would have been.

When the Roof Leaks, Get Busy Investigating

See if you can figure out where the water is coming from, and be aware that water flows down flashing or trusses until it finds a weak point. That means the actual breach in the roof could be far away from the spot where the water is falling in to the living area of your home.

If you can get into your attic space, you’ll find it easier to search for roof leaks during daylight hours. Then turn off the lights. If you see a place in the roof where sunlight’s shining in, that’s where the roof leaks, too.

When the Roof Leaks, Use More Water to Find the Problem

If the turning-off-the-attic light technique doesn’t work, have someone else (preferably someone surefooted) get on the roof with a hose and spray the surface one small section at a time. When he or she reaches the right spot, you should have water coming in just as it does when it rains.

When the Roof Leaks, Call the Professionals

Sadly, the hose technique isn’t 100%, either. When all your efforts to find roof leaks yourself prove unavailing, it’s time to consult a professional. The expert can both isolate the problem, explain what must be done to fix it, and schedule repairs when you give your okay.

When the Roof Leaks, Spread a Tarp

Regrettably, even after you’ve found the source of roof leaks, it’s not always possible to fix the problem the same day. Until it is fixed, make sure the roof is dry enough to climb on safely, then spread heavy plastic sheeting or a tarp at least six millimeters thick over the compromised section of roof.

Spread your covering of choice at least four feet from the edge of the problem, continue past the ridge of the roof, and go at least four feet down the other side. That ensures you really have covered the roof leaks adequately. Use 2×4’s to weight the starting and finishing edges of the covering down and hold them in place. Fold the edges of the covering over the boards and use a nail gun to attach them securely. You can weight the other edges as well if wind is a concern.

Proceed carefully. You don’t want to tumble off and hurt yourself or to make new leaks by nailing or screwing the 2×4’s onto the roof.

Roof Leaks: A Final Word

Roof leaks require prompt attention to keep them causing significant damage to your Indianapolis home and the items inside. So address them promptly, and if you need assistance, we invite you to call Stay Dry Roofing. We’re here to help you.

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Roof Damage From Leaks-What to Do

Roofs are one of the most important parts of any home and take the brunt of the wear and tear from weather and the elements. Your roof protects your home, your family, and your possessions from the wind and rain, the heat and cold, from storm damage, and wear and tear of time. This is why it is so important to take care of your roofing system. Of all the risks, roof damage from leaks is among the biggest issues homeowners face. Leaks and roof damage go hand in hand and even the smallest leak can lead to major damage that takes more time and money to repair. Here at Stay Dry Roofing we know the value of a strong secure roofing system and are committed to helping homeowners with their roofing needs. Whether you need help understanding how leaks can damage your roof and what you need to do when you discover a leak, give us a call today and let us take care of it for you!

Damage to the Home

hidden roof damage from leaksRoof damage from leaks is just the beginning. Not only will the roof become damaged and weakened over time due to the rotting effects of the water but the water damage can spread.  Leaks that are not addressed will get better and damage can spread into the ceilings, walls, and other areas of the house depending on the location of the leak and how bad it gets. It is possible to get damage throughout the home all from a minor leak that is allowed to get worse. Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we help homeowners like you understand how leaks can damage your roof and how to protect your roof from the start.

Damage to Your Possessions

Not only is your physical home at risk if you allow a leaky roof to go unaddressed, but your possessions and items inside your home can also be damaged. Water can leak through the ceiling and drip onto items below. Fabrics can be steamed, wood will rot, electronics can be ruined, and the value of items can be greatly dished due to water damage. Once leaks have reached this severity a lot of damage has already been done and the roof repair project can turn into a major home repair and renovation project. Roof damage from leaks is something we see far too often and we would love the opportunity to help you deal with them while they are still minor and easy to repair!

Health Risks

If the threat of damage to your home and your possessions was not enough, you also have to worry about health risks to you and your family if you allow leaky roofs to get out of hand. Wet wood and plaster and insulation are a breeding ground for mold and mildew- two of the biggest allergens found in homes. Both mold and mildew can cause severe allergic reactions in some people and can also cause illness in many people- some of which can be quite serious and even life-threatening in some cases. To protect the health and well-being of your family you need to take care of those minor leaks sooner rather than later before things get out of hand. Keeping up with your routine roof care and maintenance is the best way you can protect against major roof damage like this.

Stay Dry Roofing

roof damage from leaksContact us today for all of your roofing needs and discover for yourself what sets us apart from the competition. You cannot prevent leaks from happening and most homeowners will experience some sort of leak or damage during their time owning a home, but you can reduce the damage and ensure the stability of your roof is not compromised. Contact us today to learn more about roof care and maintenance and how we can help you in your time of need. There is no denying that roof damage from leaks happens far more than it needs to, but we here at Stay Dry Roofing will help you understand how leaks can damage your roof and how you can minimize that damage. Call us today to get started!