Quality Roof Inspection Everywhere In The Indianapolis Area

roof inspectionsRoof inspections are the essential first step whether you're having a roof inspection done after severe weather like hail damage, severe wind, and ice storms, or when you're preparing to sell your home.

When And Why Should You Get A Roof Inspection?

A well constructed roof will last for decades. But all roofs age beyond their usefulness sooner or later. That's why roof inspections are an important part of roof repair and maintenance. Generally speaking, a roof inspection is also a standard part of any home sale. Other reasons why a roof inspection may be beneficial include checking the roof's condition as the warranty's expiration date approaches or immediately after severe weather has moved through your area.

Stay Dry Roofing does meticulous roof inspections and certifications, ensuring that the roof's integrity is either intact or that small problems are discovered in time to avoid bigger problems down the road. Our evaluation covers every aspect of the roof, identifying any area that may need repairing or replacing. When you're selling your home, this allows proof to the buyer that your roof's condition is sound. When you're using a roof inspection as a guard against costly future repairs, it helps extend the life of your roof and may save your family a lot of money in the long run.

We Cover All Aspects Of A Quality Roof Inspection

Stay Dry Roofing is a family owned business that has delivered quality service for over 30 years. Homeowners in the Indianapolis area and surrounding communities have trusted us for decades to perform thorough, professional roof inspections that cover every detail. A Stay Dry roof inspection checks for all of the following:

  • Shingling that is missing or broken
  • Shingling that curls or buckles
  • If the surface granules of your shingles are worn away
  • With tile roofs, we check for any tiles that are broken or missing
  • We check the flashing (that thin piece of copper or stainless steel installed to prevent seepage of water along roof joints) for damage or wear
  • We check for cracks in the roof's underlayment or sheathing, which can allow water to leak through
  • We check for cracks in the caulking or missing caulk
  • Check for rotting or tear in the rubber booting around pipes
  • We look for wood that may be rotting or sagging
  • Check for any cracking in chimneys or any missing capping
  • The condition of your homes gutters

Once our comprehensive roof inspection is done, you'll have no doubts about your roof's structural soundness and be assured that any repairs needed have been thoroughly discovered.

If you're ready for a roof inspection, call the experts of Stay Dry Roofing at (317) 308-7773 or use our Contact Page. We offer FREE ESTIMATES. We provide comprehensive roofing services everywhere in the Indianapolis area and the surrounding communities.