How long does roof replacement take?

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

How Many Days to Roof Replacement?

When it’s time for roof replacement, there are certain questions that every homeowner asks. For one thing, you’re concerned about the roof replacement cost. What will be the new roof cost, how much of the price will your homeowners insurance cover, and how much if any will you have to cover out of pocket?

Homeowners are often equally concerned, however, to know how long roof replacement is going to take. After all, you don’t want workmen using power tools and clomping around on top of your house for weeks on end, nor do you want tarps covering openings on the roof for long periods of time. The tarps scarcely improve the look of your home, and no matter how much faith you have in the competence of the roofing crew, it’s hard not to worry that the coverings won’t do as good a job keeping out inclement weather, animals, and bugs as a solid roof does.

How long does roof replacement take?

The good news here is that the average roof replacement takes only a day. The bad news is that your job may not be average.

The Three Stages of Roof Replacement

To get a handle on roof replacement, it’s helpful to understand that putting on a new roof is a three-step process. The magnitude and complexity of each step play a role in determining how long the job will take. The three steps are as follows:

  • Taking off the old roof
  • Preparing the sheathing and underlayment (AKA the deck)
  • Putting on the new roof

With that understood, let’s look at some key variables that affect the process.

Roof Replacement: Square Footage

This one is really just a matter of common sense. You probably understood it already, but we’ll mention it for the sake of being comprehensive. A big new roof takes more time to put on than a small new roof.

Roof Replacement: Materials

Some materials are more complicated to work with than others, and that can be the case whether you’re tearing them off or putting them on.

Cedar shingles, a green roof, or concrete or ceramic tiles can take longer to remove.

Fiberglas-asphalt shingles are unitized, easy to cut, and made to install quickly. A competent roofer can put down dozens per hour.

Metal roofing is more difficult to work with. It takes more precision since a metal panel might extend all the way from the ridge to the eaves. Metal panels require exact cutting, especially for chimneys, roof penetrations, and other breaks in the surface of the roof, and equally exacting installation.

Roof Replacement: Complexity

If the roof has a complicated shape with valleys, ridges, hips, and the like, the installation is accordingly more complicated. If there are dormers, each of these essentially is its own special little roofing job requiring a starter course, field shingles, and ridge shingles.

Roof penetrations present similar complications whether they’re electrical, vents, satellite television dishes, sanitary stacks, or something else. The same is true of chimney crickets and complicated eaves.

If your gutters need replacing, that too makes the job more complicated and is apt to make it take longer.

Roof Replacement: The Sheathing

Until the old roof comes off, it’s difficult to be certain what kind of shape the sheathing and underlayment are in. Occasionally there’s heavy water damage, rot, or black mold. If so, the roofers need to replace the sheathing. That’s likely to make the job take longer and may even add something to the price.

A roof replacement job typically has a small allowance for 4×8 sheets of plywood or oriented strand board (OSB.) But you might need more than the roofers have with them, in which case someone will need to make a run to a lumberyard or arrange for a delivery, and if the price of the new sheathing material exceeds the allowance, the excess is added to the price.

Roof Replacement: Bad Weather

Bad weather can delay the installation of a new roof for several days. The roofers can’t get the work done when there are high winds, snow, freezing rain, or heavy intermittent rain. If they’ve already begun tearing off the old roof, however, they’ll protect the interior of the house with a properly installed tarp.

Roof Replacement: The Takeaway

Thus you can see that with all the factors involved, it’s difficult to be certain exactly how long roof replacement will take. But competent professional roofers will get the job done both properly and as quickly as possible.

If you need roof replacement, give Stay Dry Roofing a call. Our roofers have the expertise and commitment to customer service to meet your needs.

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