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Well-maintained gutters and downspout are essential in safeguarding your home against water damage. Proper gutter cleaning,gutter repair, installation and design, including the downspouts, guard your home's foundation from eroding and helps keep your basement or crawl space flood free. They are every bit as important as roof repair and regular maintenance. A fully functioning gutter and downspout system also protects plants and expensive landscaping. You can even use it in water conservation and the care of that landscaping!

Gutters and downspouts direct water runoff coming off your roof away from your house's foundations, making your gutter system the "first responders" in deflecting water damage from basements or crawl spaces. They prevent the erosion of groundwork along the base of your house and help prevent paint damage and the premature rotting of wood siding. The right type of gutter for your home, along with assuring proper gutter repair, is essential.

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Gutter Repair & Installation

Stay Dry Roofing has gutter repair and installation down pat. We understand the gutter and downspout needs of the Greater Indianapolis area and are experts in every type of gutter system.

Almost every house have a gutter and downspout system, but too often the system is old, undersized, damaged or pitched improperly. All of these problems can lead to a lot of labor in cleaning and maintenance or expensive repairs. As an example, undersized gutters clog too frequently with leaf and twig debris, causing water to spill over the sides rather than flow properly to the downspouts. In another, certain homes may need downspout extensions to better guide runoff well away from the foundation, but these extensions were never installed. And, of course, there is also the matter of curb appeal and maintaining the value of your home. Old gutter and downspout systems that are rusty, have dents or other damage can negatively impact both.

Old gutters and downspouts are often not worth the labor and cost of repair. Today's selection of roof drainage systems offer great variety, longevity, attractiveness and ease of maintenance that cuts gutter repair needs significantly.


Knowing What Kind Of New Gutter Installation Is Right For You

Gutters have been used on houses for hundreds of years, and have been made from just about every imaginable material including clay, wood, steel, copper and aluminum. Aluminum gutter installation is the most common today. It's affordable, durable and offers a wide away for colors. But some homes in historic districts may warrant a different material like steel or copper gutter installation. Sometimes, even wooden gutters and downspouts are used to preserve historical authenticity.

So what material and style of gutter installation is best for your home? Let's take a look at some of the factors you'll want to consider.

Aluminum. The most common material used in modern gutter installation, aluminum has many advantages. Affordable and durable, it doesn't rust and is highly resistant to corrosion, helping cut down on gutter repair cost. Over time, aluminum forms a skin of protective oxide that thwarts deterioration, making it a long-lived material ideal for gutters and downspouts. Aluminum gutter systems can also be customized with colors.

Copper. Copper gutters and downspouts are often selected for the dramatic accent they add to a home. Like aluminum, copper doesn't rust or pit, making it a long lasting system that saves gutter repair in the long run . It also gains an attractive verdigris patina as it ages.

Color. When matching the color of your home is important, aluminum gutters and downspouts are recommended. Aluminum gutter stock comes in a variety of hues that are applied right at the factory before being delivered for installation.

Style. There are many styles, typically called “profiles,” in gutter installation. There are six-inch rounds, quarter rounds, K-style profiles and styles fitted for fascias, among others. An aluminum gutter is commonly found in a K profile, which has a flat back and curved front. Your Stay Dry Roofing gutter expert can help you decide which works best for your home.

Size. The last thing you want are undersized gutters and downspouts. Proper sizing is an essential part of keeping gutter repair costs down. So knowing what size is best for your home is essential. For example, a K-style gutter comes in five inch and six inch sizes. The six-inch gutter is generally used for roofs that are particularly large or steep. Once again, your Stay Dry Roofing gutter expert can help you decide which works best for your home.

Gutter Guards. Ever since their inception, gutter guards have been a very popular add-on. Gutter guards prevent clogs and overflows. Companies like GutterGlove offer a variety of gutter protection systems for every gutter size, home budget and climate need, including the GutterGlove Icebreaker and the GutterGlove Leaf Blaster.

Downspout Extensions. These are most useful when extra length is needed at the end of downspout to properly direct run-off away from a house's foundation. They can be a simple extension across an area of yard or through landscaping, or can also be a buried pipe that directs the run-off into dry wells or "daylight" outlets.

Custom Made Aluminum. Don't let the phrase "custom made" throw you off. Today's aluminum gutters are affordable while being made to the exact dimensions of your house. The gutter-making machine arrives on premises and transforms aluminum sheeting into a perfectly fitted gutter profile.

Stay Dry Roofing, Your Gutter Repair & Installation Specialists

Our gutter repair and installation experts have wide-ranging experience and know-how, which means when we evaluate the gutter system needs of your home, we get it right the first time. Plus, if we spot a related problem like damaged flashing or rotted fascia we can make those repairs, too. Looking for a company that offers gutter cleaning services, as well? Look no further than Stay Dry Roofing.

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