Installing & Maintaining Quality Commercial Roofing Systems In The Greater Indy Area

Ready for a little good news/bad news info on commercial roofing systems? Don't worry. Even the bad news is pretty good!

The Good News: Nowadays, there is an outstanding assortment of commercial roofing material and installation methods available that provide a building owner with great options in roof replacement, re-roofing or complete new roof installation when it comes to commercial roofing systems.

The Bad News: All this great selection makes it tricky to choose the right roofing for your particular commercial building. Then, of course, there are all those acronyms describing the variety of roofing types. SPF, TPO, EPDM... It's enough to make you cry, "OMG!"

But here's some more good news. To ensure that you make the right choice among all those commercial roofing systems, you can turn to the stand-out among Indianapolis area commercial roofing contractors: Stay Dry Roofing. We've been serving Indianapolis and the surrounding communities for over 30 years. No one is better trained in the latest commercial roofing systems than us. We'll help you choose the roofing or re-roofing treatment best for your building and your budget.

With so many differing materials to choose from in today's commercial roofing systems, it is crucial to work with a company of commercial roofing contractors that knows every pro and con of each material.

Stay Dry Roofing Has Experts In All Commercial Roofing Systems

With over 30 years' experience, there is no type of commercial roofing we don't know. Whether flat roof, low slope, shed or steep slope, or any other type, we have worked on them all. Likewise, we are pros in every kind of installation method: "built-up," “standing-seam," “single-membrane," “torch-down," you name it. Here are just a few examples of what we do:

Metal Roofing. When metal roofing is installed on sloped roofs it pays off in energy efficiency and low maintenance. We work with every kind, whether panels and flashing profiles pre-made at the factory or roofing panels cut and formed right on site.

SPF. SPF stands for Spray Polyurethane Foam. This material is popular for flat and low-slope roofs. It's put on via spray gear, providing a seamless cover that either lays over an already existing roof or new construction. Generally speaking, SPF roofing eliminates any need for most types of roof flashing. Additionally, it serves as roof insulation and lowers your building’s heating and cooling expenses.

EPDM. Frequently called “rubber roofing,” Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a membrane material that's black and flexible. Think rubber inner tube. EPDM roofing is a great choice for a flat or low-sloped roof. When EPDM sheets are installed, their seams and any metal flashing are usually sealed with adhesive designed for EPDM installations.

TPO. TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. Like EPDM "rubber roofing," this is a single-membrane material. Once the material is in place, it's secured by mechanical fasteners or the seams are heat fused. TPO comes in different colors, but white is the one most often used to reflect sunlight and radiation. A real benefit in reducing cooling costs during the hotter seasons.

Modified Bitumen Roofing. Like TPO, this material is applied in rolls. The seams are generally torch-heated for sealing, adhering it to the roof's substrate and flashing. The popularity of the more contemporary EPDM & TPO systems has reduced demand for modified bitumen, but it's still in use.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing. There's no end in sight for the popularity of this classic roofing material. Many slope-roofed commercial buildings rely on asphalt shingling. This roofing material is often the most affordable, and has many shingle styles and colors to choose from.

We at Stay Dry Roofing are qualified and certified for virtually all commercial roofing systems. And, unlike some, commercial roofing contractors, we are a full-service commercial roofing business. Whatever your business needs in commercial roof repair, roof maintenance, roof replacement and more, we are at your service.

Proudly serving the Greater Indianapolis area, including Carmel, Fishers, Greenfield, Noblesville and more! Call us at (317) 308-7773 or use our Contact Page to arrange for a FREE ESTIMATE.