Fall exterior home maintenance

Fall Exterior Home Maintenance Tips

Save Money with Fall Exterior Home Maintenance

Do you pay attention to exterior home maintenance? You should. Taking care of small repairs as the need for them arises makes your house look nicer and helps to make it more livable. It also heads problems off at the pass and avoids big, expensive repairs down the road.

Fall exterior home maintenance tips

Fall is an excellent time for exterior home care. The summer heat that can make it a trial has passed, and you’re battening down the hatches for winter, when snow, freezing temperatures, and high winds can stress a house and turn any existing vulnerabilities into full-fledged expensive repair issues.

Here, then, are three fall exterior home care tips to help you put your house in good shape to withstand the rigors of the season to come.

Fall Exterior Home Maintenance Tip #1: Clean the Rain Gutters

Fall brings the leaves falling from the trees around your home. You see them on your lawn every day and likely get rid of the pileup there. But because you don’t see them, you may well be less conscious that autumn leaves are also collecting overhead in your rain gutters.

That’s a problem because once gutters get clogged with debris, they don’t function as they’re supposed to conducting rainwater and melt water to their intended destination. The water accumulates to ultimately spill out and collect around the base of the house. From there, it can seep through cracks in the foundation. Additionally, gutters that are holding water can be a source of rot, compromise the roof, and form ice dams when the temperature is low enough.

Happily, the answer is relatively simple if not the pleasantest task in the world. Someone needs to climb up on a ladder and clear away the accumulation of leaves from the rain gutters.

Or, as an alternative, you can invest in a gutter guard. This is a protection system that keeps leaves from collecting in rain gutters in the first place. Thus no gutter cleaning is necessary.

Fall Exterior Home Maintenance Tip #2: Check Your Window and Door Seals

You have window and door seals partly to hold warm air indoors when it’s cold outside. When they leak, they don’t do that, and then you wonder why it’s so chilly in the house and your heating bills are so high.

To spare yourself this sad fate, inspect the caulking and weather stripping on your windows and doors. If they’re no longer intact and doing their intended job, replace them before autumn turns to winter.

Fall Exterior Home Maintenance Tip #3: Check the Roof

Somebody should get up on your roof and inspect it twice a year, one time in the fall. It’s highly desirable to catch any problems before winter snows cover the roof and make it difficult to repair.

Not everyone is comfortable with heights or physically able to perform this exterior home care task him- or herself. But if you can’t attend to it yourself, it’s important that you find a trusted friend of an exterior home maintenance professional to attend to it for you. Problems that go unattended can worsen und spread until you need a complete roof replacement, and that’s expensive.

When checking a roof, you should look for rotten, damaged, or missing shingles, loose flashing, and signs of water damage. Some of these may be problems you’re willing and able to fix yourself. But if they aren’t, you can once again turn to the pros.

The experts at Stay Dry Roofing will be happy to help you with this or any of your fall exterior home maintenance needs. We offer free inspections and guarantee our work. Contact us today if we can be of assistance.



gutters and roofing systems

Things To Know About Gutter Installation

They may not seem like much but gutter installation is an important thing that you need to consider along with your normal roof care routine. Without well-working gutters, moisture can seep into the eaves of the house and even the siding and foundation can be affected by rain run off with gutters are not used. Well-functioning gutters are what direct storm runoff away from the sides and foundation of your home. Gutter installation that is done incorrectly can harm your roof, and over time it can lead to roof replacement. To avoid this, it is important to stay up on gutter maintenance all year round and to get your gutters installed correctly the first time.

seamless aluminum guttersAluminum Gutter Materials

Aluminum. An aluminum gutter is the most popular type seen in houses throughout Indianapolis. Aluminum never rusts or corrodes and it very lightweight which is perfect for gutters that can end up carrying a lot of water weight. They come in a wide variety of colors so it is easy to find on that fits your home’ décor. The price tag averages $5.00 to $9.00 per linear foot which also helps make it an affordable choice for homeowners across the state. Seamless aluminum gutters are the most popular version on the market, but there are several other styles that can also easily be installed for most homes in the area.

copper gutter isntallCopper Gutter Materials

Copper. Like its aluminum counterpart copper never rusts or corrodes. Copper is famous for the development of the bright bluish-green patina, known as verdigris like what is seen on the statue of liberty. This is a natural effect that does not damage the gutter and is actually a favored look among many homeowners today. It runs approximately $15.00 per linear foot but when it comes to gutters, copper lasts much longer than aluminum most times so the investment is well worth it in the long run. Old homes looking for an upgrade and new homes needing fresh gutter installation both can take advantage of copper gutter styles today.

gutter-repairDIY or Professional Gutter Installation

Many homeowners try to install new gutters themselves in an attempt to save money. If you have the ability and knowledge to install gutters yourself you can try though it is best to stick to sectional gutters that are fabricated in pieces that are easier to handle.  If you are looking at getting seamless gutters or something fancy, it is best to leave the gutter installation to the experts who know how to handle the material and have the safety tools and knowledge to get it done correctly and safely. Also, professional installations often come with warranties to cover the material and installation, something you won’t get with a DIY installation project.

gutter maintenance and careSize & Shape for Gutters

Gutters can be found in several standard design styles. Generally, either a U-shaped or K-shaped profile is the most common. The gutters along the edge of the roof typically are made in 4inch, 5inch, or 6inch diameters. Downspouts can be made in several styles and common shapes. Your personal preferences will be considered along with the unique size, style, and location of your roof to determine how large the gutters and downspouts need to be. For example, a home with trees around needs larger gutters so they don’t clog as quickly and a home with lots of large gables will need gutters large enough to handle the runoff.

gutter system installDeciding on a Color

Gutter installation is a big decision and one of the choices you have to make is in regards to the color your gutters are going to be.  There are many colors available today so you can easily find the shade that complements your home’s style and décor and that looks best for your area. Aluminum gutter colors are baked directly onto the material while still at the factory. Copper only comes in its natural state but can be painted after installation. If you are wanting a shade such as red or blue or black, aluminum is the best choice as most homeowners choose copper due to its natural patina look and coloration.

professional gutter installationGutter Installation From the Pros

Selecting a knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy gutter installation company is critical. Legit contractor companies will offer free estimates and will answer any questions you have about pricing and fees. They will also be able to schedule your gutter installation at a time that is convenient for you and that fits with your lifestyle.  Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we treat every customer like a member of the family and work to ensure you are given professional treatment every time. A DIY installation is possible but with all the benefits offered by roofing contractors, why would you want to take the chance of something going wrong doing it yourself?

gutter-cleaningQuestions? Stay Dry Roofing Has Answers

As a family owned, locally operated Indianapolis business Stay Dry Roofing is a trusted name in quality high-end gutter installation. We are experts in every aspect of gutters and roofing, roof repair, roof replacement and roof maintenance. No matter what your needs are we can help you. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities, including Brownsburg, Franklin, Greenfield, Martinsville, Noblesville and more. Do not put off getting new gutters another day and see for yourself why more people count on Stay Dry Roofing for their gutter needs. For a FREE ESTIMATE, call (317) 603-5550 or our  Contact Page.


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Less Obvious Signs of Storm Damage You Need to Watch For

“Government codes and regulations are designed to ensure maximum safety of a building’s future inhabitants as well as the construction crews that work on them. State and local governments abide by the standards set forth by the International Code Council (ICC) and National Fire Protection Association” (Government Requirements). We all know the importance of the roof and we all know, even if we are not consciously aware of it, that the safety and security of our family, possessions, and our home itself depends on the strength and reliability of the roof. This is why it is so important to take care of your roofing system, especially following any sort of storm or high wind event.  You must check for both the obvious as well as the less obvious signs of storm damage.

After a storm or high winds, such as we see often here in Indianapolis, most homeowners know to look for signs of damage. As soon as the storm passes, they head outside and do a quick check of their property and see if their roof and everything else is still in one piece. However, many homeowners today are not well versed in roof care and specifics so what do you look for exactly when inspecting your roof after a storm? Branches on the roof, broken gutters, holes in the roof, torn or missing shingles, damaged flashing, standing water, and the like are the most common things homeowners look for. Those are all good things to check for since you want to address any damage as soon as possible!

storm damage to roof

Hidden Signs of Roof Damage – It’s Not Always Obvious!

Unfortunately, there is a lot of damage that can occur to the roofing system that is not so obvious to the untrained eye, especially when looked at from the ground.  Less obvious signs of storm damage can easily go unnoticed by the homeowner initially. This leads to an issue where problems grow and become major problems down the road. Th key is to know and identify hidden signs early so they can be addressed before more of your roofing system is damaged or compromised! That is where our team of experts here at Stay Dry Roofing can come in and make all the difference in the world as we look for the hidden signs of roof damage that not everyone can easily identify.

Loss of Granules

Many homeowners are surprised to learn that the asphalt shingles on their roofs right now are covered in sand-like granules. These essential little components are hard to see and are invisible when viewed from the ground. However, it is this component of the shingle that helps block UV rays, reduced heat buildup, and provides a sort of water shield on the surface of the shingle. If there are a substantial number of granules piled at the end of the drain spout or you see them scattered over your lawn and driveway you may need new shingles. Without the granules, the shingles are exposed and will not do as good a job at protecting your roof from the effects of storms and other environmental impacts. This is one of the less obvious signs of storm damage that we see homeowners overlook the most here at Stay Dry Roofing. So, make sure your roof is in tip-top shape and call us today for a post-storm inspection.

shingles damaged in storm

Shingles Damaged by Hail

Many homeowners think they know what hail damage looks like. They envision a hole or dent in their shingles that will look the same anytime hail damage has occurred. This is a misconception and it costs many homeowners because they miss the early signs of roof damage. The exact look of the damage will be a little different each time based on the type of roof you have, how bad the hail was, and what direction the storm was moving. Our trained roofing experts, however, can easily identify even the smallest telltale warning signs that damage has occurred. We look for things like dents, bruises, cracks, worn area, and broken edges on shingles usually cannot be seen from the ground level. This is why we recommend you don’t trust a simple walk-around of your home- you need a full up-close diagnosis to be sure. These less obvious signs of storm damage can be easily detected by our team of experts.

Lifting Shingles

Shingles which has been torn off and lay scattered around your yard and driveway are rightfully concerning. However, one of the less obvious signs of storm damage is the lifting of the shingles. When shingles get loose they can begin to pull away and break the tight seal they form on the roof. This might not be as obvious right away, especially if you are inspecting from the ground only. Some homeowners wrongfully assume that if they do detect lifting shingles that they just aren’t worth worrying about. The truth is, the shingles have still been damaged and are no longer performing up to their full potential. Just as a seal that is partly cracked will let some water in, so too will the shingles allow rainwater to slowly seep into your home because there is no longer a water-tight seal. The Stay Dry Roofing team can inspect and replace damaged shingles for you so you can rest easy when the next storm rolls through!

gutters and flashing damage

Dented Gutters and Flashing

There are many ways homeowners overlook and disregard some of the less obvious signs of storm damage. And they all come back to haunt them in the end. One such sign of damage that is frequently overlooked is problems with the gutters and flashing.  From the ground, you might spot major issues like broken pieces, lodged branches, and other obvious signs. However, even smaller dents, debris lodges within the drain spouts, and loose fittings and attachments can also pose a major risk to your roofing system. Left unchecked, these less obvious signs of storm damage will only grow and will eventually become major issues. It is always best to do an inspection after a storm that has had a lot of rain or wind with it to ensure your gutters and flashing are still firmly attached and are not damaged. That ounce of prevention after a storm will save you time and money down the road so call us today for a post-storm inspection.

Minor Holes and Leaks

Any damage that your roofing system sustains because of a storm is bad. Small damage is still damage and it can still lead to worsening problems down the road. Minor leaks will grow and cause major damage to your roof and your home’s interior as well. Little issues like cracked shingles and loose gutters will soon grow into bigger issues that can cause serious damage. Any damage detected on your roof needs to be treated like a big deal because even if it’s not a big issue right now, it will soon become one if left unaddressed. If you have seen any signs of damage or you are concerned about your roof, pick up the phone and call your roofing experts today for a professional inspection. You would not ignore the check engine light in your car so don’t ignore the warning signs your roof is trying to send to you. Take care of minor damage and problems now while you still can!

shingle roof in indianapolis indiana

Help With the Less Obvious Signs of Storm Damage

“Roof systems (ranging from roof coverings to structural members) typically fail when winds produce forces greater than the capacity provided by the elements of the roof system. Winds can tear roof coverings from roof decks and can separate roof decks from framing. Roofs can also fail if punctured by windborne debris. In most cases, debris punctures pose less of a problem on residential structures, where a roof ’s slope may limit the amount of rain that can enter a puncture (unless that puncture occurs in a valley or other area of the roof where water is channeled or collected). However, in buildings with flat or low sloped roofs, punctures from windborne debris can lead to extensive interior damage” (FEMA).

If your roof has sustained damage after a storm or you think it might have, call us today here at Stay Dry Roofing. We have decades of experience, working in the local area helping homeowners just like you! When it comes to detecting the less obvious signs of storm damage we know what to look for and we know what to do to get your roofing system back in tip-top shape. Call us today for a consultation and free estimate! Keep yourself, your family, your possessions, and your home safe and secure with a quality roofing system that will hold up against any storm. Don’t put off roof maintenance and repair work. Call in the experts and let s show you why more homeowners in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas trust us for expert help with the less obvious signs of storm damage! Get started now!

Indianapolis gutter installation

Gutter Upgrades- What You Need to Know

When the time comes to upgrade the exterior of your home and give the outside a little TLC for a change, one good way to start is with a new gutter installation.  Gutters are an important part of any home and can have a huge impact on your roof and your home, but how do you know what type of gutters to go with? There are many options for styles and materials, including seamless aluminum and copper, among many others. Stay Dry Roofing has three easy things for you to keep in mind for a stress-free gutter upgrade:

Consider the Scope of the Project

getting local help for roof maintenanceCommon sectional guttering installation projects are largely done as DIY projects with the homeowners who think they are able to handle the project themselves completing the installation. But even for the most skilled and experienced worker, it is a very labor-intensive project. And even the best installation will eventually have leaks at the seams and other issues as the gutters age. Seamless gutters, because they are made as one large continuous piece, have no seams and few if any leak issues. They are a bit more cumbersome to handle and usually require at least two pairs of hands to maneuver and secure everything in place, but seamless gutters have become the overwhelming choice for homeowners. This is why these gutters need to be left to the professionals- they can provide a gutter upgrade that will keep your home looking great and ensure your Indianapolis roofing and gutter needs are met.

Copper and Aluminum- High End and Low End

gutter installation prosAluminum has long been made of silver steel based metals. An aluminum gutter installation looks clean and is rust free while being lightweight and easy to install. Costing an average of $5.00 to $10.00 per linear foot this has long been the popular choice and is still commonly used in new constructions and remodeling upgrades all the time in the area. Aluminum offers a great option for an easy gutter upgrade! Copper like aluminum is very resilient and commonly used. Newly installed copper is shiny and colorful but over time that typical blue-green discoloration will set in, which is actually part of the reason why some homeowners opt for copper gutters.  It is a bit more expensive running approximately $15.00 per linear foot but it is still common for a high-end statement. These are the most common materials we see used in Indianapolis roofing and gutter upgrades.

Consider Size and Shape

proper gutter installationGutter installation experts can offer advice on the shape and size gutter that will be best suited for your home.  The two most common shapes are the U-shaped or K-shaped profiles. The gutter size itself is a bit more complex because it is determined by the size of your roof area and how much water needs to be carried during rain storms. Diameters for gutters usually run around four, five or six inches. Another important aspect to consider is the downspouts. Downspouts can be rectangular or round, they can be curved or relatively straight, and they also come in a variety of diameters to accommodate the gutter size above. Other factors such as overhanging trees, the frequency of rain storms, snow falls, and seasonal weather patterns can also play a part in determining what gutters are best for your unique needs.  Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we will help you with your gutter upgrade and ensure you get the right gutters for your unique situation.

Stay Dry Roofing Has the Answers

Stay Dry Roofinggutters and roofs is proud to be a trusted name in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas when it comes to seamless gutter installation and general gutter maintenance. We are experts in every aspect of gutters and roofing, roof repair, roof replacement and roof maintenance. When your home is in need of a gutter upgrade, don’t trust your investment to just anyone- let the experts with the proven reputation and experience take care of you. We can handle any gutter installation project from start to finish, so you have nothing to worry about! When it comes to Indianapolis roofing and gutter work, we proudly serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities, including Brownsburg, Franklin, Greenfield, Martinsville, Noblesville and more. To learn more and to ask about our free estimates, call us at (317) 603-5550 or use our Contact Information Page. We would love to hear from you!

Fall Roof Preparations

Professional Installation of Roofing in Indianapolis

Why Indy Trusts Us for Professional Installation of Roofing

choosing the right roofing optionsChoosing the right roofing options when it comes to a contractor for your project, whether it is a big undertaking or a quick maintenance project, is the most important part of the entire process. Professional installation of roofing is crucial, but it can be confusing to know how to tell an expert from a fraud. That is why we are here for you at Stay Dry Roofing in the greater Indianapolis are. Whether for roof repair or full roof replacement, we go the extra mile in earning our 5 star Google rating with our customers! Read More

Repairing Damaged Roofs

The Importance Of Repairing Damaged Roofs

fixing your roof the right wayOf all the many components that make up a home, the roof is one of the most critical. It is also the one piece that takes the most abuse day in and day out. After years of being exposed to the harsh effects of rain, sun, wind, temperatures, and the other elements of local weather systems, the shingles or tiles on your roof will start to wear out and become damaged. Curling, peeling, even disintegration of roof shingles and other roofing components, can weaken your roof and put you, your family, and your possessions at risk. Repairing damaged roofs and gutter systems is one of the most critical components in home ownership. Read More

Renovations to Raise Home Values

The Best Renovations to Raise Home Values

outdoor renovations for your homeRenovation season is quickly approaching for many homeowners. With it comes the time to decide what projects on the To-Do List should be done this year. Far too many homeowners though look at renovations to raise home value, but do not know how to begin. Do you know what home improvements yield the best return on your investment? Should it be a new roof? How about an updated gutter system? Stay Dry Roofing in the greater Indianapolis area takes a closer look at outdoor renovations for your home. Read More

roof care tips

After Winter: Taking Care Of Your Roof

Taking Care of Your Roof Once the Snow is Gone

roof care tipsAs a homeowner, you know you need to take care of the investment that is your home. You prepare it for bad weather and seasonal changes, but there are seasons and phases that often get overlooked. We prepare our homes for winter weather, especially roof repair and gutter maintenance, but often neglect to make the transition to warmer weather. As the snow begins to melt away, taking care of your roof when the warmer weather rolls in is the time to begin thinking out the roof cleanup for spring. Read More

Tips For Protecting Your Roof

Tips for Protecting Your Roof, by Stay Dry Roofing

proper roof care practicesGetting a roof to last may seem like a daunting task. It is something many homeowners worry about, but in reality, it is easy. All it takes is proper care and remembering that an ounce of prevention is indeed worth more than a pound of roof repair when it comes to protecting your roof. Read More


4 Things About Gutter Installation

What To Know About Gutter Installation

guttersNew gutter installation. Not a very exciting subject, is it? But it is an essential one for homeowners. Without well-working gutters you invite damp, moldy basements and crawl spaces, topsoil erosion, stained and rotting house siding and warped window framing. Well-functioning gutters are what direct storm runoff away from the sides and foundation of your home. Poorly functioning gutters not only risk damage to your house and landscaping they can do harm to your roof, causing expensive roof replacement.

Read More