Quick fixes But One Cure for Ice Dams In Indy

ice-damThere are many concerns home owners face in the winter months when it comes to taking care of their homes. For roofing issues the biggest challenge is dealing with the formation of ice dams. An ice dam is a hump of ice  that accumulates on the roof along he edge of the eaves when certain winter time conditions are met. An ice dam can damage both your roof and the inside of your home and ice dam roof damage is among the most commonly reported insurance claims for homeowners in the winter. Ice dams can tear and gouge shingles and tiles and the accumulating ice and melting water can seep into the home and cause damage; they can also weaken the roof due to excessive weight from the ice and water. There are several things homeowners can do to help them avoid getting an ice dam or at the very least to reduce the risk of damage when one has already formed on the roof, but there’s really only one cure and effective way of dealing with ice dams: the use of better sealing, insulation, and venting for  both the attic and roof area. Stay Dry Roofing has all the solutions you need to stay on top of your roofing maintenance during the winter.

Why do ice dams form?

An ice dam can form on the roof during snow falls and periods where there are fluctuating temperatures during the winter. They commonly form when the roof over the attic has been warmed to the point that the under layer of snow on the roof melts. The water trickles under the layer of snow and can seep down through the roof until it reaches the eave of the roof. This area is colder because it is not in contact with the rest of the home as much so the water refreezes in this area. As the water freezes, it forms into a dam of ice that continues to grow and mound as more melted water accumulates. The flatter the pitch of the roof, the easier it is for an ice dam to form and grow because it is easier for the water to accumulate. Dealing with ice dams is one of those things homeowners have to be ready for when they live in areas that get brutally cold winters.

How does an ice dam damage the roof?

When an ice dam is allowed to grow and is not kept in check it can get to the point where it is big enough to cause major problems with the roof. Melted water backs up behind the ice wall and since it has no where to go and the heat of the roof over the home stays warm, the water can then begin to seep underneath the shingles. Eventually, this water will drip into the roof structure and can lead to rot and mildew, it can drip into the insulation and cause problems in the ceiling and walls. If the ice gets too heavy the roof can collapse. And if chunks break off the roof they can fall and damage gutters, landscaping, cars, or hurt pets and people.  Dealing with ice dams is a big obstacle for many home owners and preventing ice dam roof damage is the best way to cope during the cold weather.

Dealing with an ice dam that has formed

  1. Get rid of the ice dam gradually by breaking it apart into small chucks. Never use an ax or anything sharp or you will cut into the shingles. Instead, tap lightly with a blunt mallet. It is best to call in roofing experts to help with this because the roofs are slippery and you can still easily damage shingles and tiles.
  2. Clear out gutters and downspouts so they are not filling up and adding to the ice accumulation trouble. Again, this is hazardous work involving being on a ladder and and it can be difficult to clean and clear gutters without damaging metal or plastic that has become brittle due to the cold.
  3. Those with roofing expertise and enough experience and melt troughs through the ice dam with specially designed calcium chloride ice melter. Do NOT use rock salt because it can corrode gutters, stain and fade paint, damage tile and the salt water run off can ruin and kill grass and plants. Using a simple tube of cloth, fill it with calcium chloride, tie off the top, and lay it vertically across the ice dam. As it melts through the ice it will melt away part of the ice dam and make it easier to slide chucks off the roof.

At Stay Dry Roofing, we offer affordable practical solutions to repair damage to your roof that has been caused by ice damming and the associated water damage that can occur.

Preventing ice dams

ice-dam-repairThe best way to go about dealing with ice dams is to work to prevent ice dam roof damage in the first place. There are several ways you can do this. You can scrape snow off the roof to keep it from accumulating and growing to the point that an ice dam can begin to form. This will require you to either stand on the ground or on a ladder and brush snow off or to climb onto the roof and push snow down to the ground. Both can be risky so it is best to call in roofing experts to do any snow removal for you this season.

Before the snows begin to fall you can spray your roofing surface with a water proofing spray that helps block melting ice water from seeping in and to also create a slick surface that ice and snow can slide off of easily.


The experts ice dam cure

All of these points discussed so far address the ice dam symptoms, but are not talking to the underlying problem, which is the warm roof that contacts the snow and causes snow melt and ice formation. At Stay Dry Roofing, we are leaders in dealing with a range of winter roof concerns, one of the most common being  ice dams and the associated water damage that can occur. Roofing experts point out that they only known way to cure an ice dam and also to prevent one from forming at all is to:

  1. Seal any and all areas where warm air leaks into the roofing area from the living space below- this warmer air and get into the spaces immediately below the roof sheathing and will cause the melting of snow that leads to ice dam formation.
  2. Insulate the living space. This is important not just to conserve energy and keep the home at a comfortable temperature but it is also important to ensure the roofing area is insulated well enough to prevent conduction and convection of heat into the attic and roofing area.
  3. Vent the space between the insulation and the roof sheathing. This is a important step because it helps to ensure that any heat that does leak through into the attic and roof area is carried away rather than being allowed to build and warm up the roof and cause snow and ice melting.

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If you need help making sure your roof is ready for winter snow give us a call and discoverer the Stay Dry Roofing difference for yourself! We are proud to serve our community and the surrounding area and we stand by our commitment to quality and excellence.  Prevention is key in keeping ice off your roof and water out of your home! While you can’t prevent the weather from changing and there is no way to keep 100 percent of the snow and ice off your roof, there are things you can do to keep it under control and to stay on top of routine removal to keep it from accumulating. This is why winter preparation work for your roof is such an important maintenance chore that homeowners cannot afford to skimp out on. Dealing with ice dams and the extensive ice dam roof damage that can come with it is a big deal so get the experts to help ypu protect your roof this winter. Call us today to set up your consultation before the first snows begin to fall!


Winter Preparation Work For Your Roof

winter-roof-repairHomeowners put a great deal of time and money into preparing their homes and keeping them up so they look good and maintain their value. From top to bottom there are many areas that require attention and maintenance throughout the year, but one of the most overlooked is the roofing system. The roof that covers our home is an investment, and a very important one that that as without it everything in your home- including yourself and your family- risks being exposed to and damaged by the elements. A good roof can cost a good bit of money to install and it costs money to maintain it throughout the year, but it is an investment into the future value and protection of our home. Just as you would do any good investment that you make for the future, maintenance and attention Throughout each season there is particular work that is required so your roof looks its finest and serves it purpose for as long as possible. Winter preparation work for your roof is possibly the most important because snow, ice, and cold temperatures can wreak havoc on a roof that is not well prepared to handle it. Minor roof damage and small issues might not seem like a big deal at the time. but if left alone and allowed to continue unaddressed- especially during the brutal winter months- these small little annoyances and inconveniences will quickly spiral out of control until they become much bigger and much more costly problems. This is why making sure your roof is ready for winter snow is one of the most important steps you as a homeowner can take now to survive winter as unscathed as possible.

Winter Snows and the Hidden Dangers

There always seems to be something around that can potentially damage your roof but this is particularly true of the winter months. During periods of extremely heavy snowfall, snow and ice build-up may exceed the load capacity of your roof. This is especially true for homes with older roofs that are flat or have a low pitch. Proper preparation is important to make sure your roof is ready for what winter can throw at it. Snow on your roof can, put you at risk for weight bearing issues damaged shingles or tiles, the formation of ice dams, water leaks, and other issues that can weaken or damage your roof. These reasons are why it’s important to remove snow from your roof, especially during more severe storms. Stay Dry Roofing provides professional snow removal services to ensure that your roof won’t have any issues with ice dams, leaks, or too much weight. We can also help you ensure everything else it taken care of before the  snows come so your roof and our home in general is properly prepared to handle winter’s icy touch. Call us today to get a free estimate on snow removal throughout our service areas and we can help you with your plans for making sure your roof is ready for winter snow this season with proper winter preparation work for your roof.


With this in mind, here are  the roofing issues that need to be fixed sooner rather than later with the help of the Stay Dry Roofing team:


Damaged Tiles or Shingles

The tiles or shingles of the roof are the most visible aspect of the roofing system and is what everyone can see when they first look at your home’s roof. You want this to be solid and secure not just for aesthetic reasons, though that is the main reason most homeowners ever check the shingles. One or two cracked tiles or loose/missing shingles doesn’t seem like a big deal as they are not easily seen in most cases so what is the big deal so long as the rest of the roof is in good shape.  Right? Well not so much, because these little gaps and cracks and opening that are made by broken or missing shingles and tiles can cause major problems or your roof, especially when the snows begin to fall. Damaged tiles or shingles make your roof vulnerable to leaks and makes it more likely that more broken and damaged and missing shingles will develop before the season is over, which can then lead to water damage and leaks inside your home! When snows accumulate they add weight to your roof and as the snow and ice loads slide off the roof it can tear shingles and damage tiles. These missing cover areas can allow melting snow water to seep into your home and cause a great deal of damage. Stay Dry Roofing handles all types of roofing materials and roof styles so we can take care of any minor roof repair needs quickly and easily and save you from massive issues caused by these minor problems getting out of hand. When it comes to winter preparation work for your roof this is the one area that most homeowners already know about but will often ignore or fail to take care before the snow fall comes.


Snow Removal Preparation

Snow removal is an important part of taking care of your roof in the winter. It keeps the weight from growing to be too much for the roof and it an also help prevent issues with ice dams and water damage during snow melts.  However, it can be dangerous if it’s not done correctly- slips and falls and damage to roofing structures are the most common concerns. That’s why it’s best to have our professionals handle your snow removal rather than trying to do it yourself and put your own safety and the integrity of your home at risk. Many homeowners fail to have roofing experts set up ahead of time to handle their snow removal needs. Finding someone who can get to you during the busy times after massive snow falls and winter storms can be a challenge so it is best to always have someone set up and scheduled to come out ahead of time. Our snow removal methods that we use help to ensure the safety of our workers and also ensure that we won’t damage your roof. We can help with this important part of winter preparation work for your roof so you can focus on making sure your roof is ready for winter snow!


Uneven or Broken Flashing

The flashing of your roof is typically made up of plastic, sheet metal, or composite materials and is the part of the structure that helps control the water flow off the roof. It is durable but also flexible to follow the flow of your roof line and keep water from puddling up in the roof and is what keeps it away from openings and natural problem areas on your roof. It typically is found around the chimney or at the joint seams of two roofing points especially on the valley peaks and in the roof slopes. Flashing needs to be in tact and free of dings, tears, and needs to be firmly attached or it will not be able to do its job. Any loose edges can allows water to get under the shingles and into the roofing struts and other structures where it can rot wood and cause manor problems. Broken or missing flashing sections can get snagged when snow and ice shift on the roof and tear more flashing and even shingles and under- layers of the roofing off in the process.  If you can see any issue or problem with the flashing, such as a break or corrosion, you need to get the flashing replaced immediately in order to avoid water damage. In most cases, flashing can be easily replaced within a day, so there is not excuse to not have it fixed ahead of the winter weather.  It is a small step to take to make sure your roof is ready for winter snow and ice.


Overhanging Branches and Limbs

When it comes to winter preparation work for your roof this is one of the things most homeowners never even think about. Landscape is a concern of the summer and spring months right? Yes it is the main focus of warm weather home maintenance but it is also important to not neglect your trees as the winter weather looms large. Your trees will likely be dormant during the cold weather unless you have evergreen trees but any trees growing near your home need to be inspected and prepared for the winter. Check the trees for any dead or damage branches and limbs-e specially any that hang over the home or come near the roof. As snow and ice builds,branches can get very heavy and can easily snap and break and come crashing down. Image the damage a large tree limb could do if it falls on the roof and then double that due to the weight of snow and ice and the resulting water damage that will come when that snow and ice gets into your home. So do not skip the trees and make sure you cut back as much as you can and keep branches and limbs away from your home. We here at Stay Dry Roofing have seen many instances of roof damage that resulted from limbs crashing down during a blizzard or after an ice storm passes through. Don’t take the chance- get it taken care of now while you still have the time!

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Snow accumulation on the roof can lead to ice dams, heavy snow loads, and structural damage to your roof. Here are some of the cases you may find yourself facing if you neglect to prepare your roof properly for winter snow and ice:

  • Warm air that originates from inside your house goes up into the attic, there it comes into contact with the roof eves and the roof itself, causing the lowest layer of snow or ice on the roof to melt making the snow and ice packs shift and side off the roof.
  • Melting of the snow and ice on the roof, whether caused by warming of the temperatures outside or warmer air from inside the house, can cause water to trickle down though to the roof and seep into any cracks or missing shingle or tile spaces where it can get into the eves and into the attic itself.
  • Repeated thaws and freeze throughout the season can gradually build up until a “dam” of ice forms all along the roof line, usually starting in the valleys or at the edge of the roof near the gutters and drain spouts.
  • When ice dams form and grow large enough melting water collects behind it and forms a small pool where it may not always freeze right away due to the insulating nature of snow- the water rises under shingles and finds the cracks and holes that allow it to leak into your home.
  • The weight of snow and ice on the roof can damage the roof,and it cannot be seen until the snow and ice melts and begins the slide off- usually by this time the damage has been there for a while and has lead to secondary damage due to exposure to melting snow water.
  • In extreme cases if the weight of he ice and snow gets to be too much the structure of the roof itself can be weakened and cave ins can happen, specifically after rapid accumulation of snow or ice storms that lat down thick layers of ice.


This is why winter preparation work for your roof is such an important maintenance chore that homeowners cannot afford to skimp out on. If you need help making sure your roof is ready for winter snow give us a call and discoverer the Stay Dry Roofing difference for yourself! We are proud to serve our community and the surrounding area and we stand by our commitment to quality and excellence. Call us today to set up your consultation before the first snows begin to fall!

Hiring A Roof Snow Removal Service

How To Choose Roof Snow Removal Services In Indianapolis

snow removal services in indianapolisA brilliant white blanket of snow is a lovely sight. But not after a large storm dumps a dangerous amount atop your roof. Of course, you can always try removing it yourself. But putting your back into the task a little too hard or…heaven forbid…one wrong step on wet, slick shingling or missing a rung on the ladder while you try to clear your roof can wind up putting something far more precious to your family at risk than just a few dollars. Even if the unthinkable doesn’t happen, what if you do more harm than good, causing costly roof repairs or gutter damage? That’s why more and more homeowners use a roof snow removal service.

Hiring a professional roof snow removal service is a sound way to make the most of your time and avoid dangerous accidents. After all, your family depends on you. But it’s important to do your research before hiring a roof snow removal service, and Stay Dry Roofing in the Indianapolis area has some tips on what to look for when you do.

Fluffy Does NOT Equal Light Weight

It may look light and fluffy, even on your roof. But snow is deceptively heavy. Consider what you see on new stories about the destructive power of avalanches. Allowing snow to accumulate after several snowfalls, or ignoring the multiple inches that a big storm dumps on your roof, threatens roof structure in a number of ways. It doesn’t take many inches of snow to over-burden trusses and rafters. It’s one of the primary reasons why a snow removal service is well worth the money.

A foot of snow equals an inch of liquid water. And a single inch or ice has a weight of about five pounds for a square foot. More than just a few inches of snow lying over an entire roof can represent a serious fatigue factor. And keep in mind: snow usually gets heavier when allowed to sit for a period of time. Snow melts and turns to ice. When additional snow falls it repeats the process, adding additional weight to your roof. Excess weight on your roof and can cause leaks and even cause parts of the roof to collapse.

While most roofs in good condition will likely withstand the extra weight for five, six or seven days, perhaps even a couple of weeks, it becomes very clear that the need for roof snow removal before accumulation becomes very thick is crucial.

There’s also the problem of melt water against your roof that occurs just under the still-frozen snow layer. When this snow melt re-freezes as it reaches your eaves, it can cause ice dams that do serious damage to shingles and the roof sheathing below. The damming is caused by continual melting and re-freezing between the snow layer and roof, preventing most of the melt from running off. Instead the melt seeps into creases and seams before re-freezing again, stressing any weak areas, rotting wood and forcing roof nails out of place. Snow roof removal is essential in preventing ice damming.

But winters in Indiana don’t only mean snow. They also mean ice storms. And if you have ever tried to remove a thick accumulation of ice from your roof after one of these epic events, you know how difficult and dangerous the job is, whether it’s ice or snow roof removal.

Why A Roof Snow Removal Service Is The Smart Choice

Does your family depend on the reliability of your income? Are you the soul wage earner? Or if, like so many families today, there are two income earners in your household how would the loss of one of those income streams due to a catastrophic accident impact your family’s well being? This is no small matter when considering whether you should hire a roof snow removal service.

If for this reason alone you hire a roof snow removal service, the benefits vastly outweigh the fee for the service. A professional snow removal service uses specialized equipment, safety gear and professional grade snow and ice removal tools.

Experience matters in a big way, as well. A bonded and reliable professional service has trained snow removal service people who know how to safely navigate on and around any style roof, whether residential roofs that have low slopes, high pitches, multiple gables and numerous vents or sky lighting, as well as all commercial roofing profiles.

When To Hire Roof Snow Removal Services In Indianapolis

But how do you know when to call a roof snow removal service? A good rule of thumb is when you have more than a few inches’ accumulation. But keep in mind, you don’t want even a seemingly few inches of snow or ice to sit on your roof indefinitely.

Having said that, there is usually a safety margin before damage begins. This means that there’s no need to panic and do something unsafe while a storm is moving through. Once the danger is past, call a qualified, trusted company that is experienced in roof snow removal services in the Indianapolis area. Frankly, Stay Dry Roofing is just such a company. We will come to your home for a free consultation, honest evaluation and estimate.

Roof Snow Removal Services By Stay Dry Roofing

Stay Dry Roofing has specialized equipment, allowing our roof snow removal experts to work from the ground as much as possible, including specially designed gear that allows roof raking with far more volume, effectiveness and speed than typical big-box store roof rakes. Our trained pros know how to prevent shingle or gutter dislodgement during the removal of heavy snow accumulation and ice dams. Should rooftop work become necessary, we have the right safety gear to prevent accidents and use great care in locating skylights and dryer or roof vents before beginning.

Protect your roof with Stay Dry Roofing’s quality, reliable roof snow removal services in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. As a family owned and operated business, FREE ESTIMATES are all a part of how we do business. Proudly serving Indianapolis, Greenwood, Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Brownsburg, Greenfield, Franklin, Martinsville, Avon and many more nearby communities.

Call (317) 308- 7773 today or use our Contact Page so you can be ready and ahead of the game before the first big storm hits. We look forward to hearing from you.

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