What To Know About Built Up Roofing

Built Up Roofing: A Quality, Reliable Standard

built up roofing repairThere’s good reason why built up roofing has remained a reliable standard in commercial roofing for over a century. Built up roofing, also known as BUR, is designed for heavy-duty long-lasting wear. Stay Dry Roofing in Indianapolis takes a closer look at built up roofing, what it’s made of, how it’s installed and what kind of repair and maintenance is involved. Read More


4 Things About Gutter Installation

What To Know About Gutter Installation

guttersNew gutter installation. Not a very exciting subject, is it? But it is an essential one for homeowners. Without well-working gutters you invite damp, moldy basements and crawl spaces, topsoil erosion, stained and rotting house siding and warped window framing. Well-functioning gutters are what direct storm runoff away from the sides and foundation of your home. Poorly functioning gutters not only risk damage to your house and landscaping they can do harm to your roof, causing expensive roof replacement.

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Roof Repair Or Roof Replacement?

When Does Roof Repair Become Roof Replacement?

roof replacementSooner or later, every homeowner faces the question of whether roof repair will do the trick or if full roof replacement is needed. Knowing when to decide between the two helps you ensure your roofing will have maximum longevity, and safeguard both your investment and peace of mind. But it’s not always obvious to the untrained eye when it’s time for one or the other. So the roofing specialists at Stay Dry Roofing in the Indianapolis area have some tips to help you know when to choose between them. Read More

Roof Repair You Can’t Afford To Put Off

Knowing When You Need Roof Repair Is Important

roof replacementOf all the parts of your home, there is no structural element that is more important than a sound and sturdy roof. A good roof works to protect and shield, and is like a giant umbrella for your home. Of the walls, floors and other elements that comprise a house’s structure, a roof offers the greatest amount of shelter and protection. It helps keep everything safe and protects the things you cherish, from your family to your belongings. That’s why quality roof repair is so essential. Read More