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5 Roofing Care and Maintenance Tips

Taking care of your home is an every single day of the year chore. The roof is the most important part of your home and year-round roof care is important to preserving the strength, stability, and longevity of your roofing system! That is why Stay Dry Roofing wants to share with you the top five roofing care and maintenance tips you need to know what not to do to your roof:

  1. Hang a Basketball Hoop
    It has become  somewhat commonplace to have a basketball hoop on side of the house, usually attached on or near the house. But is this really such a good idea? Think about it- every time the ball hits it causes vibrations in the roof that can crack seals, and the ball hitting the roof during missed shots can cause major damage to the shingles, gutters, eaves, and other parts of the roof as well! Being smart with your roof is part of basic year-round roof care.
  1. Attach Christmas Lights
    roof care and maintenance tipsThe look pretty and you love competing with the neighbors for the best lights in town, but attaching lights to the flat surface of the roof is a recipe for disaster! Anything you attach to your shingles that needs nails or screws can cause leaks. Stick to hanging lights on the edges of the roof or leave the decorations and lights off the roof completely!
  2. Power Washing the Roof
    Homeowners naturally take pride in how their homes look so they want things nice and clean and spotless- the walls, windows, walkways, and even the roof. The problem is, when mid and algae have started growing on the roof, many homeowners reach for the pressure washer. This is a bad idea! It is so easy to get too much pressure and crack, break, or destroy shingles which leads to a host of other roofing problems. When it comes to roofing care and maintenance tips let the experts at Stay Dry Roofing handle the year-round roof care to ensure it is done right.
  3. Ignore Debris on the Roof
    You should never let leaves, sticks, and other debris build up on the roof or in the gutters. It can lead to rotting of the shingles, can loose and tear off shingles and heavy gutters can fall and pull roofing down with it. Ding the rainy season, water may puddle on the roof because it cannot drain away properly and in the winter months ice dams often form in these types of conditions. So, take action now and keep your roof and gutters free of debris.
  4. Indianapolis roofing expertsCover an Old Roof With a New One
    Maybe you have been tempted to do this because you want to try and save money on your roof installation. So, you think about putting the new roof over an old damaged one. This is asking for trouble down the road and while it might save you some money now you will have expensive repairs for years to come! Old and damaged roofing must be completely removed before any new installation happens and this is one of the most ignored of all the roofing care and maintenance tips so don’t let it happen to you!

If you want to learn more about the roofing care and maintenance tips we recommend to our customers or if you want to know more about our year-round roof care services, call us today!  We would love the opportunity to show you the Stay Dry Roofing difference!

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